located at the foot of the Alps, offers a wide range of locations to visit and activities to pursue. The event location close to the center of the city invites for a stroll through the historical old town between workshops and dancing. Or, if you arrive a little early, take a short trip to the beautiful destinations like Schloß Neuschwanstein or one of the mountain lakes.

And keep in mind: the famous Oktoberfest starts just the weekend after the event!

Most importantly, the address of the venue:

Alte Kongresshalle
Theresienhöhe 15
D-80339 München


Secure your spot in the event hotel Augustin right away, to be as close to the dance floor as possible.

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The Alte Kongresshalle at Theresienwiese in the heart of Munich provides a wonderful location for the Bavarian Open.

The over 500 sqm ballroom with a wooden floor offers a more than 300 sqm dancefloor. Combined with the leveled seating area and the gallery, we will have enough space for both: watching the shows and dancing all night long.

And the best: the ballroom is airconditioned!


There are many ways to get to Munich. We have collected some information that will help you organizing your visit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us (via email or on facebook).

Most importantly, the address of the venue:

Alte Kongresshalle
Theresienhöhe 15
D-80339 München

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Food & Co.

Since the venue is in the center of Munich, there are a lot of places nearby with great food and diverse offers. Don't be afraid, you can get other than just Bavarian food. But be sure to try it.

Remember: On Sundays, most shops in Germany are closed. The main train station is your best chance then.

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Munich beyond dancing

Arriving before the event, or staying after? Good choice, Munich offers a lot of nice sights and possibilities to spend time. We have a list of locations for you to start with, but there is much much more to discover.

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Partners & Sponsors

Want to sponsor the Bavarian Open? Please contact us.