Prepare yourself for

more than 30 hours of social dancing,
4 nights of dancing, 2 of them themed,
official WSDC competitions,
and up to 10 hours of workshops - and not only West Coast Swing!

All set in an unique Bavarian style and the famous Oktoberfest around the corner - location- and time-wise!


Check-in starts Thursday, September 9 at 14:00. Registration will be open through-out the event



Only work and no play makes us all dull boys and girls. That's why we have a lot of time reserved for parties and social dancing. Yeah!

We start early and stop only for the breakfast. Or if the floor is empty, so don't let that happen!

In addition to that, we have 2 themed parties:

Oktoberfest Party on Thursday

It's Oktoberfest time in Munich. And we will bring the full spirit to you with a full-blown Bavarian style night. Expect some surprises including the "Sepp & Heidi" competition. Wear your local traditional garb/costume or get some Bavarian "Lederhosn" or "Dirndl".

Cool down Pyjama Party on Sunday

After a weekend of 'round-the-clock dancing, you deserve to relax a little. We make this the "lazy weekend at home" version of dancing. Still the whole night dancing, though.

And as a highlight for Saturday Night

Red Carpet Night

Saturday evening is the time to shine! With all the great finals and shows, we decided to make the night even more fancy. So bring your fancy dress and suit & tie. Black tie dress code until midnight. With a reception before the party.


Like every year, we offer you leveled West Coast Swing workshops with great international teachers.

Levels & Audition  


Jack & Jill (WSDC) (20.00€ per competitor)

Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Stars, Champions, Juniors, Sophisticated, Masters

Strictly Swing 40.00€ per couple

Novice, Intermediate, Open, Invitational

Pro-Am-Routines 40.00€ per couple

Pro-Am Open (Leading Pro), Pro-Am Open (Following Pro)

Routines 70.00 per couple

Rising Star (Rising Star Tour), Classic, Showcase, Pro-Am

We will award price money in the routine divisions. (placements 1-3 for 5 or more couples, 1-5 for more than 10 couples)

Sepp & Heidi (5.00€ per competitor)

A special "All-people" Jack & Jill competition, unique to the Bavarian Open. Participants are asked to wear either their own traditional garb/costume or Bavarian "Lederhose" and "Dirndl" to compete.

The winner takes a big beer keg and the honor to do the "Anstich".

Competition Rules  

Sponsoring Events

All these events are supporting us by sponsoring tickets that you can win.
...and more to come.

Partners & Sponsors

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