West Coast Swing


To give everyone a good learning experience, we offer leveled workshops. We use the WSDC competition level as an indicator. We understand that not everyone competes and thereby might not be able to get into the higher level workshops.

We have tried many things over the years and decided to do it this way for several reasons: Auditions are flawed, stress the dancers participating in them, give everyone a bad start to the weekend and take up a lot of time that we could instead use for workshops or dancing.

There will be no exceptions, independent of dance experience or years of dancing.

Special Workshops

In addition to the workshops for West Coast Swing, we have some unique classes for you. These classes are open for all levels.


We have extra room for private lessons with all of the pros at the event. Please contact them directly to reserve a time slot. If you don't know how, please send us an email and we will forward it to the pro.

Partners & Sponsors

Want to sponsor the Bavarian Open? Please contact us.